Thursday, 24 January 2013

First Proposed Briefs & Phil's Feedback

Another possibility is a collaboration with a student from Fine Art or Fashion, in terms of branding & promotion, which is yet to be decided.
Phil's Feedback

The target audience needs to be specific in Brief 2 in particular, I need to get a focused audience and be more specific before moving forward.

Brief 5 & Brief 7 could be combined into one, but at the moment they are too similar.

Overall, I think I need to pad my briefs out and give them a bigger context in what to exist in. For example, for brief 5 I could add an event and the branding for that event for my typographic posters to exist in.

Before I deal with my statement of intent, I will sit down and brainstorm each brief to ensure that I have gone into the finest detail, and to make sure they're completely clear to someone who would pick it up with no background information.

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