Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Starting To Look At Context

In my FMP, I want to revisit screen printing, and here is an example of why. Colours are more ambitious and because the final product is produced by hand, it gains a unique, limited edition aura.  It may be more time consuming, but the end product is more desirable and will appeal to a wider audience  with an interest in print, compared to something printed digitally.


The 'Young & United' brand is an example of how design can be integrated from paper to fabric - creating an identity that has scope to appeal to fans of both print and fashion. This is something that I would like to explore in my FMP.


Typographic posters, if designed well, are beautiful to look at and also convey a certain message - whether it be inspirational, good advice or simply a memorable quote from a popular TV show. There are so many opportunities with typographic posters, in terms of print production, that I really want to explore in my FMP.

I enjoyed my Emotion & Type brief from the first module, and found the whole screen printing experience to be incredibly rewarding and more personal than the modern digital print out.


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