Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Analysing The Prospectus Brief

Me and Simon Cherry have decided to collaborate for the concept pitch for the 2014/15 prospectus for LCA. The first point of action was to print out and analyse the brief itself - it was pretty in depth and covered a lot of areas but we also found some questionable material:

We added questions on the end of the brief ready to take to Chloe to clarify any misunderstandings. Chloe was in a meeting, but fortunately Rosemary answered our questions. Response:
  1. Would we be able to get copy & images for Surface Pattern and Printed Textiles?
    Copy is available from last years prospectus on the LCA website and imagery can be mocked up at this point from another source.
  2. How do we propose the costs? As a full job or per hour/week/day?
    It's up to us, whatever feels fair.
  3. Can we include the stripped down college logo or do we have to use the mosaic?
    Probably best to use the mosaic at this point (Rosemary sent me the logo file).
  4. The brief says 200x200 - past years have been 210x210, is this an error?
    Unsure at the minute, is likely a typo, but any size presented is fine as long as it is roughly accurate and in square format.
  5. How open is the budget?
    Although there are limitations, the concept should aim to think big. Any ideas can be focused down later.
  6. Do we include estimated printing expenses in our costs?
    No, the college deals with this.
  7. How have previous years reacted to the concept pitch, have they printed concepts out and photographed them?
    Yes, aim to get concepts submitted as accurate and realistic as possible - it will give the judging panel a stronger indication of what your concept is about.

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