Monday, 25 February 2013

Fine Art Meeting 25/02

The meeting with the Fine Art team went well today, and has clarified the way forward. The students' statements, the photography of the work and the three portrait images will be given to us by next week - which will allow us to take the yearbook forward. Messages from the tutors on the course will also be given to us as pages designed to break up the yearbook.

For the meeting, as well as everybody's individual layouts and the initial team layouts, I constructed a sheet, including 18 various typefaces suitable for body copy, that could be compared and selected by the Fine Art team.

The team loved the layouts that we designed, and appreciated the effort we'd gone to in the short space of time. They agreed with the layout and didn't have any improvements that we should consider. Progress has definitely been made which is good, and if all the material is given to us by next week they easter deadline shouldn't be a problem.

Layouts for the meeting posted to the Fine Art studio door:

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