Friday, 15 February 2013

Using Wood As A Stock For Design

Throughout my time on the course, my design has been focused primarily on print and the processes used to get a final outcome. Never have I considered wood as a material to host my final outcomes - it has been exclusively paper and card up until this point. I think it adds a hand-rendered quality to the designs as wood is a material rarely used in graphic design, even more so in mass produced print-runs.

Burning or etching a design onto wood is a technique that requires the constant attention of the designer, much like the process of screen printing. It shows the designer is prepared to make extra effort in the process of the final outcome, and therefore adds an element of desirability to the final piece.

These two examples show the type of designs that can be effectively transferred to wood. The designs have to be simple in a sense, photography would not be suitable for this process. Typographic and logo/icon designs are perfect for wooden outcomes, and it is something to consider as extensions to my Movie Scene Icons and They Said What briefs.

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