Friday, 22 February 2013

Generating Content Ideas - Royal Court

This is a very difficult brief, in terms of content. There are limited resources online that outline exactly what goes on behind the stages of Royal Court's plays. I decided to narrow it down:

These videos highlight the events that go on behind the scenes - focused on the young and upcoming talent. This is the audience that I want to appeal to, as I think it has the most scope for generating interest and inspiration. After all, it is the future generation of playwrights that will produce material for many years to come.

By pointing the young who have interest in theatre to these events, they may be inspired to start writing themselves or to push themselves to achieve more. It will give the publication more purpose than just informing, and gives me a narrower audience other than general theatregoers. And after watching a handful of videos produced by Royal Court, it is apparent that a large chunk of their audience are young - something that surprised me.

As I mentioned before, I am considering creating a hot dog fold. Here are initial folding tests both A2 folded down to A5, and A3 folded down to A6. The A6 is more mobile and could fit in the average pocket, whilst the A5 variant would be able to hold more information. At this point, I believe I will make it short and sweet - communicating the vital information to the reader.

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