Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Royal Court: Collecting Primary Material

I dug up some promotional material for theatres around Yorkshire that I had collected for Enterprise last year - I figured it would be useful for inspiration in Brief 1.

Although these are all promoting plays being shown in the theatre, I think the aesthetics of this material is relevant, in particular the choice of typefaces and the layout of imagery and type. All three are laid out well, it doesn't makes the reader feel overwhelmed. This is through line breaks in between paragraphs, and the choice of imagery used to break up the text.

A theme going through the first example is the choice of colour: represented by a spot colour that is consistent throughout. It gives the publication identity and demonstrates that each individual page is part of the whole piece.

The typefaces used in the body copy are similar throughout all three - simple, sans-serif. The point sizes  seem to fall between 8-9pt which is more than enough to make the publication legible. Typefaces used for the titles vary - slab serif, regular serif and also a bold serif that looks to be Clarendon.

[Georgian Theatre, North Yorkshire]

[Harrogate Theatre]

[Sheffield Theatre]

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