Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Initial Concept Ideas

After the meeting with Rosemary we had a clear understanding of what needed to be submitted. 'We are', the concept from last year, is desirable within the marketing sector of the college. While we feel we can represent this again with our concept, we want to approach it in a different way and explore new ideas. To kick things off, we decided to brainstorm words we think the college represents:

Also, to make this possible, we have set ourselves a set of tight deadlines to ensure a smooth hand-in:
  • 28/02 14:00 - Design material finished, printed on selected stock.
  • 28/02 15:00-18:00 - Book binding.
  • 01/03 Morning - Photograph mock-ups.
  • 01/03 14:00 - Print slot.
  • 01/03 16:00 - Concept deadline.
We want to explore book binding because we feel it will give the best representation of our concept. This is only possible if we meet these deadlines, so a quick design turn-around is vital. Concise decision making while maintaining a level of quality throughout is needed tomorrow, but I am confident we can pull it off.

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