Friday, 1 March 2013

Prospectus Concept Ideas

These are our concepts in the form of potential covers. We experimented with various statements, centralised around the 'WE ARE' idea. Some of them worked well, but we felt the best way to represent the college would be through a new statement similar to last years. Therefore, we opted for We Are One which is a play on words. It represents the tight-knit community, suggesting that the whole college works as one, it suggests the college is one of a kind and it states that potential applicants should leave the college with the college as their number one choice.

We had other ideas, such as community represented by the infinite loop of the ring, and other statements that could potentially have a lasting impression, such as You Won't Get This* Anywhere Else.

We printed out a range of the concept covers that we thought were quite strong to get an impression of what they would look like on paper. We ended up scrapping the subtle domino representation of one present in the top corners as we felt the visuals could be too difficult to grasp the idea of a domino without an explanation. Keeping things simple.

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