Thursday, 14 March 2013

ACTIV - Considering Home Page Navigation

Something I am yet to think about is how the user will get back to the main menu, where all the other categories are, when they're navigating the app. Firstly, I considered adding a little 'home' icon to simply revert to the main menu:

However, having a little home icon on EVERY page might be a little overkill. While I was creating this icon, I thought of an even simpler way to get back to the home page: the swipe. Smartphones are touch screen, obviously, and the gesture of a swipe usually moves the current window out of the way and is a method for easy navigation. Why not take advantage of this? Here is a demonstration of how navigation will take place, and how I will communicate this:

Simple, but effective. Again, this is something that I want to be clear in my app. Functionality is key.

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