Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Noticing Inconsistencies Within Typeface

My typeface is based on a uniform, simple outlook of typographic design. When looking further into some of the letterforms, particularly the ones with a slanted line quality such as the Z or the N, I started to see some slight line consistencies:

The A and V look thinner than the Z and the I

Same letterform demonstrates slight line weight increase on the diagonal aspects

As a perfectionist, this annoyed me. I remembered that when producing these characters, I didn't have a set method of gaining consistency, I just did what looked consistent. I wanted to adjust this now.

Through trial and error, I found that the current grid I was working to had a 9pt width per square. Because I was working to a 2-square width, this meant that the current characters should have an 18pt line width:

Here, I tried to replicate the Z that I have now, but this time using 18pt stroke:

Before - black, left compared to after - red, right

In my opinion, it looks better now. A slight change, but one that makes the whole letterform flow better, look more consistent, and a method that can be applied to all inconsistent characters.

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