Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Progress Crit With Andy - No More YCN

As I have yet to speak to Andy at all during the FMP, I thought it would be good to get his insights into my projects and my ideas. The main concern, at this point, was the YCN Royal Court Theatre brief, or Brief 1. The deadline is next Thursday, and I have yet to have a solid idea or concept.

Andy explained that I was appealing to theatregoers, without having a clue what theatre and Royal Court is about. He suggested that I needed to dedicate a few weeks into researching the subject, gathering content and brainstorming initial ideas - something that I just cannot do in this time period. Other commitments, such as the Yearbook and the Prospectus brief have been occupying my time, and I simply don't have the interest in the subject matter to really drive me to explore the range of the campaign and push the project as far as it can go.

So, I could dedicate the next 9 days into producing some mediocre work that hasn't been pushed to its limits, or I could forget about the brief and focus on other projects that are well worth my time. At this point in time, I can't be wasting 9 full days on a project that I'm not interested in or proud of the outcome - I need to draw a line in the sand now before it's too late. Therefore, I have cancelled the Royal Court brief and I will focus on the D&AD Department of Health brief, which is due in 2 weeks. I have explored this project a lot further, and I also have more time to produce an outcome that resolves the brief, and one that can be put in my portfolio. I only need one competition brief in the FMP, and this one will grant much better work.

This will be my final post in the 'Brief 1 - Royal Court' tag, which will be replaced by the brief that explores bands from the 5 Nordic countries - really pushing my existing typeface produced in the first module onto other mediums to give it context and range.

I will write this brief properly in the next few days.

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