Friday, 1 March 2013

Prospectus Pitch - Final Boards For Submission

Project Evaluation

Overall, for a quick turn-around brief, I felt the pitch went fairly well. It was extremely hard to come up with an original idea from a recycled concept from last year. Although last year's prospectus was very strong, I think any other idea using We Are as a base will not match the hard-hitting statement that was We Are The State Of The Art. It was clear, rememberable and completely relevant to the institution.
That being said, We Are One attempts to take the snappy, rememberable statement to the next level. Although the relevance to an art college may not be there, it hints at a tight-knit company of specialist artists and designers. For people who want to study art or design at any level, Leeds College of Art is the place.

A criticism of me and Simon equally would be successful time management. Deadlines for a decided concept weren't hit, which means we didn't get the chance to print out, and bind, a mock up for a truer representation of the final publication should we get chosen. Consequently, the presentation for the boards isn't as strong as we'd hoped. We had more chance to nail down a concept, however, which is the main focus for the whole pitch.

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