Monday, 25 March 2013

Nutharc - Font Considerations

My typeface, Nutharc, will be used in the brief exploring the Nordic music scene. After much thought, I think it would be beneficial to make my typeface into a functioning font. It will make it much easier in the long run, along the range of work that I aim to produce. Rather than setting and individually kerning each and every letterform every single time, the font will let me simply type it out, and will let me kern it accordingly where fit.

I have a few concerns though. I have heard Fontographer 5 is a very difficult program to learn, and is complicated when transferring vectors from illustrator. Also, I only have the 26 letterforms and a few glyphs so far, so more work will have to be put into the typeface before I can make it into a functioning font.

However, I won't let this deter me, and the first point of action will be in the numerals.

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