Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Further Research Into Phone Apps

A beautiful app, that is relevant to the subject I am designing for. There seems to be a focus on making elements of the page look 3-Dimensional, whereas the stuff that I am doing at the moment is primarily flat. The typography used is clear, sans-serif and upper-case. It may be an idea to use a suitable display font instead of Casper, which is more versatile to both display and body text.


Clean. Simple. Intuitive. Three words that come to my mind when I see this app. It has a very specific purpose and therefore will have a lot of desirability if the functionality of the app is up to par. The simple, but effective, way the alarms are set up, edited and deleted by using a drag & drop system is something that makes the whole experience more interactive, and more personal to the user.

Again, there are gradients and shading to make the app look more 3 dimensional. This is done to make the buttons look like buttons - encouraging the user to interact. This is something I definitely need to consider if I need to make my app successful - the flat display is probably why it looks so dull compared to the leading apps around the world.

On a side note, this project included examples of app mapping - very simple but something that could direct me. I currently have a lot of different branches off of my menu including playlists, treadmill TV and local activities. Maybe I need to focus on one to make it more focused, more specialist and therefore more desirable.


Whatsapp is an interactive social application. The design of the app looks very user friendly, and takes advantage of the swiping command that is comparable to the right and left arrows of the keyboard. It makes the whole experience slick and effortless - this application is a great example of functionality and one that serves its purpose in the most straightforward way possible.

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