Friday, 15 March 2013

ACTIV - Transferring Current Designs to Print

Along with my app, I am going to have to produce some promotional material alongside this. I have got to a stage where I like the aesthetics of my app, and is something that I needed to transfer to printed media.

I started by making an A5 document, which would be the flyer for the promotional material. I chose to develop this first, as the same information as all the other material has to be used and condensed down into an A5 piece. Once this is completed, transferring this to an A3 or A2 poster should be pretty straightforward.

To keep with the design style of the app, I have used only Casper and Trade Gothic, and PANTONE 320 and black for now. This is the easiest way to stay consistent. Alongside this, I have experimented with circular devices used within my app.

The next stage is to print the examples off to make sure the point sizes and other material are suitable for print, and in proportion.

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