Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nordic Collective - Motivations and Starting Point

This brief is designed to replace Brief 1 - Royal Court YCN. Therefore, it is a significant brief and will produce a body of work with a significant range.

One of the motivations for this brief came after the portfolio surgery with Aidan Nolan in late January/early February. He explained that although my typeface, created in OUGD301, was interesting and had potential, it had no context whatsoever and I needed to focus on a project where it would be seen in the real world.

Recently, I have been listening to Of Monsters And Men, a great band from Iceland. With other great, unique acts such as Sigur Ros and Bjork from just this one country, I figured there's big potential for bands such as these, but no real exposure for them. There are bands, of course, such as ABBA and Bjork that have made it big globally, but I haven't really seen any promotional material that focuses on the musical cultures of the five Nordic countries.

This is a subject that I am passionate about, and more importantly will give me a range for my typeface that falls flat on its face at the moment. I will use this typeface to create a range of work that is relevant and will strengthen my portfolio significantly.


Nutharc Regular


Nutharc Alternative

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