Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Creating A Symbol For 'Restore'

Restoring takes time. It's not something that can be done overnight. As I was thinking this, I thought of the dreaded Apple wheel, constantly spinning away. The spinning represents time, and in still motion the best way to replicate it would be through a spiral.

At first I used the spiral tool:

This looked pretty unspectacular. I've seen it before, so I tried something else that really got me thinking:

The twist tool can be made to create unpredictable objects, but with a certain degree of control. This was made from a full circle, which created an interesting spiral shape. I attempted some more below, having more control this time to shape it into something that I wanted.

I love the middle one. I just love how it still has a solid shape, and in a way it looks like a fetus, which is incredibly relevant. The only trouble is, it looks a little ropey at the moment. This is the process I took to restore the shape back into a circular, smooth, shape.

I did this by simplifying the shape:

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