Monday, 20 May 2013

Kickstarting The Context Brief

I've spent the day organising files to put in my design context publication. Because it really needs to be started...

I thought I would start by running a few small typographic tests, to see which ones I want to go ahead and use in my project. I am wanting simple, sans-serif fonts, to differ from headings/highlights and body copy.

I wrote a quick introduction to my context publication, a few forewords before the real content begins. I thought it would be a nice overview. This can be changed later if necessary:

As a designer, I’ve grown to love typography. Everything about it, from typographic compositions, editorial layouts, to the typefaces themselves. It is the purest form of information that we have, and is the basis for forming the language we use and understand every single day. Without a relevant typeface to hold a message, the tone of voice is lost completely.

Sometimes I feel people underestimate the power of typography.
As much as I love type, it always needs a place to sit. Printed media is the art of transferring these beautiful, carefully considered, letterforms onto a physical holding device. Print can be held, it can be bent, it can be folded. More importantly, it can be breathed in. Nothing beats the satisfying smell of a fresh print. It’s something that just cannot be replicated in the digital world. 

The heavier use of Neuzeit I immediately loved. For the body copy, it's not so strong.


Grotesque MT Std



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