Monday, 13 May 2013

Specimen Poster Development

After the tutorial with Fred, it was obvious that I needed to expand my typeface into a set of deliverables before I even attempted to use it as part of my Nordic music promotion. Here's my development in PDF form:

To make this development successful, I needed to constantly print out experiments so I got a visual indicator of what the final thing would look like. Here is the process that I took, annotating and changing as I went:

I decided to scrap the tracking demonstration for now, and include it in a specimen book that I will produce after I have finalised the poster.

After experimenting with folds and ways to display the poster, I opted to stick to a 2:1 format, as I think it leads the eye down the page better. I need to expand this into the specimen book, keeping the aesthetics consistent to this and the digital promotion.

Final Poster

I used blue stock to relate to the colours used in my earlier screenprints, and can be replicated easily on screen.

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