Saturday, 18 May 2013

Fine Art Invites: Moving the Composition

First of all, I noticed that I set my document up wrong. These are the margins I have so far:

These are the margins and columns of the yearbook:

A minor change, but needs to be done for consistency. I also thought it would be good to set a baseline grid around the leading of the body copy, which is 13pt:

Everything should be set to start the alterations. This is my first attempt, with and without the images in the final page. It doesn't necessarily have to relate, but it would be nice to include imagery on the back.

The only problem with this is that it doesn't include the invitation process and is more of an informative piece of design. I need to reiterate that the person is personally invited.

This is a little better, although now the word 'PROOF' is missing. Also, I have just realised that I have mocked up the emboss wrong. Not only is the back of it the wrong way round (it should be mirrored) the yearbook's impression is debossed. This has made me come up with another idea.

I have included the invitation entirely on the debossed impression. It isn't really clear on screen, but it would be much more apparent on the printed final as it would pick up light more effectively. The only concern is that it could warp the text a little bit, and because it is a delicate typeface in Perpetua it could make it less legible.

There is also a lack of colour, especially magenta, that I wish to rectify.

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