Thursday, 2 May 2013

Progress Surgeries: The Current Situation & Scrapping A Brief

Although the progress surgery was essentially a laid back catch up to see how everyone was doing, I thought it was useful in defining my progress in the FMP up to now, and how I will approach the final 4 weeks.

Here are the main points that came up during the talk with Amber and my peers:

  • The expansion of my typeface can be considered a separate brief to my nordic music collective if I produce the relevant promotional material. An idea that we discussed was my perception of my typeface in the form of a publication - how I would use the font and pointers to using it correctly. A more complex specimen book, if you will.
  • Extend 1 or 2 briefs until it is exhausted. It will look good in your portfolio and will show a complete understanding of design range and distribution.
  • Read over the module description to make sure you're ticking the right boxes.

I thought I would state here that Brief 5 - What is hereby scrapped. I haven't started the brief, and I have the opportunity to create some typographic posters in other briefs. I think I would get more from focusing my attention on other briefs. I have enough to successfully complete the module anyway.

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