Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Crit Feedback 17/4

Overall, I am happy with the feedback. I found talking things through with my peers, rather than silently filling in a form helped the most. Here are the main concerns:

  • More primary research is definitely needed.
  • Expanding the range of the Nutharc typeface - more promotional material needed.
  • More scope for the Activ project. Push the product and distribution through ads/propose a launch event.
  • Including more photography within my projects.
  • Think about design for screen as well as for print.
  • Consider the audience more.
  • Personal colour palette could be limited, expand colour spectrum.


Following the crit, we had a sheet to fill out and scan in. I opted to type my thoughts up as my handwriting can be diabolical at times.

  • Typeface is looking strong with a good range of glyphs.
  • I have a product in the form of a font that I can market and sell.
  • The Activ campaign is a piece of design that can go in my portfolio and shows my capabilities at a commercial scale.
  • Iconography has improved.
Areas of Improvements
  • More work needs to be done in researching and idea generation for 3 briefs.
  • No real action plan at this point.
  • Activ brief could be pushed further. Last of my priorities, brief is finished as far as I'm concerned.
  • Need to start experimenting with stock choice and printing processes.

Action Plan
  • Push my Nutharc brief forward to create a set of deliverables that celebrate Nordic music.
  • Research more animals, create more icons for Endangered.
  • Get more movie scenes, icon up these scenes.
  • Finalise the yearbook.
  • Create typographic experimentations for the Bad Predictions brief.
  • Collect relevant photography & images for all briefs.

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