Friday, 26 April 2013

Final Boards & Evaluation of the Project So Far

These are the boards constructed out of all the material we have developed, that was handed in to the marketing department. We added a little description on each board to help the team understand what we were trying to communicate, and guide them through our concept.



I can honestly say this has been the most successful collaboration to date. Me and James run a very democratic system where every suggestion was tried out, using InDesign as a digital sketchbook to compare and contrast ideas. Nobody took charge, which is a common occurrence in these kind of collaborations, and I think this stemmed from trying absolutely everything, right from the initial brainstorm.

Baring in mind we started developing visuals for this work extremely late, due to other commitments, I think we've done pretty well. We had 22 hours, including 'sleep' to turn this around. That includes creating the boards and getting them to print. It was tight, but we managed to get it done.

In terms of the concept, I think it has a good of a chance of any of getting picked. The statement is short, snappy and straight to the point. It represents the mystery of the show, and 'bigs up' the event by creating hype around the students' work.

One thing that I thought we could have added was the foldable example of the poster to leaflet. As well as more signage, and more examples of what the college wanted. I think it would strengthen the proposal, and give us more chance of getting chosen to do the job.

Overall, the project was a success. Regardless of if we do or do not get picked to do the job, I think it has been a decent collaboration and I would like to work with James again, whether it be in the FMP or post-graduation.

Typefaces used: GT Pressura, Aper├žu

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