Friday, 26 April 2013

Developing An Identity

Now that we had the image, the next step was to create an identity. We decided to use the typeface GT Pressura, but we also recognised that we were open to change if it sees fit.

We had a few decisions to make, mainly on the colour and the placement of the type. We thought magenta fitted fairly well, but it took priority away from the main image and looked distracting on the page. We also experimented with tints, but the 75% tint of magenta that we used looked a little like baby pink, or a colour that would be used on childrens' toys for girls.

We found black to also be too distracting, and the grey blended into the background too much. In the end, we decided that white would be the best colour. The uploaded PDF shows how we made this decision and our experimentation with placement, point size and the use of an underline.

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