Friday, 26 April 2013

Developing The Flyer

The front of the flyer would be the identity used on the poster and developed earlier. The back of the flyer, however, needed to include a range of information through carefully considered type. This is something that we wanted to communicate to the marketing team - yes we can use photoshop to mock things up but do we have an awareness of type layout and hierarchy? A proposal full of mock ups would not show this.

This is the development that we did for the flyer:

We started developing with a black backdrop, to keep the white text that we were producing before. After a few variations, we decided that it didn't look consistent enough to the poster and the image, so we started developing the flyer with black text on stock.

Again, we thought the use of the logo would be vital, as the college's brand needs to appear as many times as possible, in the most visually blatant way. Although the main focus is the identity for the show, the college logo should come a close second in terms of hierarchy.

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