Friday, 26 April 2013

Developing the Private Invite

Before we even started doing anything visual with the private invite, we both knew it had to be well considered and printed in a way to make the receiver feel special. One idea we came up with, was to flip the back and the front of flyer material over - it is not something that the viewer would expect. Typically, there would an image or the identity of an event on the front, and information on the back of the invite.

So, taking the image away from the front of the invite would make it extremely plain and basic - there would be nothing to it. So, in an effort to show the viewer that there was something there, we would propose a blind emboss that wouldn't be as visible, but would still show clearly that something is there.

After the concept of the invite was made, it was just a case of developing the layout of the back, which again would demonstrate our typographic capability.

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