Monday, 15 April 2013

GIF Development 2 - Introducing Background Imagery

Here's development using background imagery based off the Ten Dollar Fonts examples. I found that darkening the background image brings out the colours a lot better, and I achieved this by simply putting an opaque sheet of black over the top of the images.

I opted to go for aqua green as it was vibrant and stood out better on the darkened images.

(Process of new image)

Cropping the image

Black & White effect, with levels enhanced to give contrast

Added a opaque layer of black to allow the colours to stand out more
Choice of colour


Here are the GIFs that I produced using Photoshop's timeline feature:

Introducing some tweens in between the introduction page and the alphabet sequence. It breaks up the sequence nicely and the final one brings things to a close. I also reduced the size of the letters slightly to give them more breathing space, and to even the composition out.

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